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We are an informal local astrological association – a mix of professionals and amateurs; beginners. old hands and those of us somewhere in between. We meet to talk about astrology, to learn more and to support and encourage each other. This year we’ve invited a thrilling list of guest speakers, but it’s not all about sitting and listening – this group is a forum for the exchange of ideas.
The group has been meeting, about once a month, since 1985 in and around Oxford. Take a look at the chart on the right and you’ll may see that we are currently in a “regeneration” phase with U-Plu right on the axes.
We will be hosting our guest speakers at Trinity College, Oxford.
Go to the Events page to find out if we have anything big planned. Our next meeting is on April 15 at 15 Maidcroft Road, Oxford.
To find a local astrologer click here.

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  1. Interesting event; I loved Louise Hutson and Andre especially. Andre's research and that of others like him is the lifeblood of astrology. That is one of the places where astrology gives me a thrill (and has for 50+ years now), and where inwardly I find I HAVE to grow in my own practice, in how I think about the responsibility of conveying information, how it is conveyed and my relationship with the client. I enjoyed the angle Israel takes on livelihood; quite a bit of interesting observation there - I have notes and will use them! I'd have liked a leaflet with a list of speaker details; I'd be more than happy to make them for future events; used to do it all the time. Well done for getting it on! It was an engagingly wide view.